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You have users who demand a great deal and have sky-high expectations that you are determined to meet. Vana will meet you wherever you are on your journey and help you get to the next level of success, whether you lead an entire company, department, or just a team or two.

Digital Transformation requires more than technology alone

You are tasked with doing more with less.

Digital Transformation enables organizations to make progress despite your constraints – less money, time, personnel, without compromising higher goals.

We enable your competitive edge by guiding you through a digital transformation. Vana helps your organization select, integrate, and optimize the right tech solution, which allows your organization to move faster.

Digital Transformation starts here

While many organizations turn to their IT departments for opportunities to automate or create efficiencies, it’s important to understand that a Digital Transformation can’t rely on technology by itself.

Vana’s blend of Commercial and Public Sector management consulting experience helps us tailor solutions to not only meet, but exceed expectations by seamlessly integrating the right People, Process and Tools.
A hallmark of the Vana brand, epicAgileTM is built from our extensive experience in Agile Development. From setting up an agile framework to conducting agile assessments, training and oversight the Vana team can help. Think agile is just for software? Let us show you how to apply these concepts across the full lifecycle from strategy and concept exploration through fielding and operations.

Vana can help your team with program risk assessments and developing risk mitigation plans, as well as Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance and Records Management Readiness.

Vana is an experienced provider that supports a full range of PMO activities in Program Management, Engineering, Financial Management, Data Management, Cyber Security, Test and Logistics.

Leverage Vana’s IT Services and Digital Transformation experience through our in-depth knowledge and skill to advise on innovative solutions on the edge of technology.  Whether it’s a cloud readiness assessment or implementing AI/ML features, Vana has the expertise to guide you to the next level.

From our fielded DD Form 2875 solution, to our work with tools and techniques for security patching, intrusion detection, resource monitoring and troubleshooting.  Vana was one of the first to obtain Authority To Operate (ATO) on the Government Cloud.

Vana uses an experienced, expertly-honed approach to ensure, above all else, you achieve the business outcomes you’re envisioning; beyond that of simply implementing technology alone.

We call this proprietary approach our epicAgile process

Step 1 →

Define your business objectives, prior to understanding your technology objectives. It is critical to define what (business) outcomes you seek, not just what technology you think could solve the problem.

Step 2 →

Vana personnel immerse themselves into your organization to learn about the business side and what processes should be compared to how they are today. Then, and only then, can we move to the next step.

Step 3 →

Select, configure, and implement the best technology solution to achieve your vision. We don’t allow partnerships to bias the best decision for your organization.

Step 4 →

Continuously measure and improve your organization’s outcomes by listening to your users and evolving your technology and processes based on changing requirements.

Your digital transformation is accomplished in stages, but it’s not something you “finish.” It allows for constant improvement, to drive greater results despite tighter constraints. Vana is your partner, not your IT vendor.

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