Minimum Viable Product in 56 Days

Process Analysis, Standardization & Optimization:


Through epicAgile development, user collaboration, and a custom no-code application, a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed and deployed in 56 days. Transforming a dispersed, manual process into a shared digital application delivered seamlessly on US Air Force’s existing technology infrastructure. 


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Outdated Processes Hampering Ability to Change

Delivering human resources services and support for over 80,000 people spanning eight Air Force bases is a demanding endeavor.  

With disperse data, complex, manual processes, and personnel spread across multiple locations, an Air Force directorate was looking to update its technology, improve performance and reduce errors. In line with the overall strategy, four key areas needed to be addressed: 

  1. To understand, support, and improve Business Processes 
  2. Support/extend Technical Capabilities
  3. Facilitate the use of Advanced Data Analytics
  4. Using Emerging Technologies to enable mission readiness effectiveness 

Disperse data, processes and time intensive manual processes (with limited operational awareness capabilities) were limiting progress.

The Need to Increase Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

The requirements for managing HR policy and processes (including promotions, evaluations, retirement, training, etc.), and personnel support programs for the eighty thousand people is vast. The Air Force directorate needed an enterprise-wide solution, that would provide them with a standard framework to improve efficiencies, and the flexibility to customize programs as needed to ensure effectiveness. They also needed to break down the transition into manageable segments, so they could continue delivering day-to-day while building for a better future.  

Within the overall goal of increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness, key deliverables for the framework were identified:



Automation of processes 

Standardization, improved efficiency, reduced training need, reduced need on individuals’ knowledge. 

Secure collaboration 

Access based on defined user permissions. Seamless working across locations & departments (horizontal & vertical) 

Data integration 

Realtime, standardized data collated across the enterprise.  

Data analytics 

Ability to run standard & ad hoc reports. Integration with AI for trends & optimization of processes. Understand and adapt to demographic trends within the directorate 

Visibility for the organization 

Central dashboards, with real-time data. Data driven decisions. Export & integration of data with existing tools & infrastructure.  

The Solution: Enterprise Digital Optimization

Vana’s Digital Process Optimization solution delivered on all the critical elements that needed for success:  
  • Process analysis and mapping  to understand existing ways of working, enabling standardize and optimize of routine activities and efficiency gains.   
  • Vana’s epicAgile™ methodology combines agile development best practices with change management, end user focus and customer collaboration.  Active engagement by team members helps drive an agile mindset and new ways of thinking & working through the organization. 
  • Digital, cloud-based tools to reinvent how the enterprise worked and improve collaboration, processes, and productivity. Individual applications could be developed, integrated, and scaled to meet process and organizational needs. 
  • Data integration and analysis to drive data based decision-making and future improvement cycles. The opportunity to integrate with emerging technologies would drive ongoing benefits. 

In addition, the entire program was supported by Vana’s SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who provided program management and DevSecOps agile development, alongside coaching and training.  

The Result: Process Efficiency Gains

An enterprise-wide HR process was chosen as the first test case for optimization and transformation.  Across the organization, 250 users spanning 8 locations were involved in the administration of this single process. Working with internal key users Vana’s team completed a review and optimization of the process and deployed a no-code MVP (minimum viable product) in just 56 days.

The application runs on existing Air Force technology infrastructure, saving time and resources by utilizing existing security measures, user profiles, and authorizations.   

Increased efficiency. Reduction in time to track down individual case status from hours or days to near instantaneous

Reduction in overall process time and reports generation 

Increase in visibility, automatic routing, validated data entry, automatic routing selection, dynamic permissions

Real time reporting, enabling improved decision making & performance review

In contrast to the legacy system it replaced, the new solution delivers standard routing and automation, secure collaboration across locations, data integration and analytics and enterprise-wide visibility of cases. With baseline data now available, the team will focus on error reduction, improved processing times and proactive analysis of demographic trends.