Integration of values, experience and ideas.

App & Data
Working to move companies and organizations to the future with solutions focused on transformation.
Proven experience aligning custom SharePoint solutions that align business and technology needs.
Key consultants with demonstrated results in support of developing client strategies and execution.
Office 365 &
Azure Cloud
Seamless transition that helps you understand your options of implementing Microsoft cloud services.

Removes barriers with smart strategies.

As an integrated partner to our clients, our involvement varies based on each customer need. You’ll find Vana Solutions easy to work with, flexible and adaptable to evolving missions and changing priorities. Some clients have a vision of what they need, but need assistance in bridging the gap between vision and the solution; Others know their exact requirements and need help in providing a technology solution to meet these requirements; And others still, just need assistance fully utilizing the technology in which they have already invested.

The challenges are many, but we seek to maximize technology for every organization by evaluating, developing, and linking processes and technologies throughout the functional areas of their businesses. We consistently strive to bring new ways of delivering bottom-line benefits to our customers and we measure our contributions by increased customer satisfaction and value delivered.