Program Support

Key consultants with proven results in support of developing client strategies and executing across the Enterprise.

Trusted advisors who assist in development of business strategies and match them to project goals

Vana Solutions consultants are consistently called on to work scenarios supporting senior level executives throughout the government and commercial environments. Our team utilizes company expertise and knowledge transfer to accelerate the processes. The enterprise IT knowledge allows for Vana to support these organizations across the categories of enterprise architecture support, requirements and agile story discovery workshops, cyber security, traditional and agile project management, organizational governance, change management and product validation support. We believe utilizing our unique approaches in providing program support allow for our team to provide higher value in shorter amount of time. Vana Solutions team is committed to helping clients achieve business goals by employing business consulting and proven best practices gleaned from our experiences and expertise.

Services We Provide

Architecture Support:

Our team understands that Enterprise Architecture, Business Process and Product ownership need flexibility to design current and to-be states in an iterative approach. Our coordination for enterprise strategic themes allows these roadmaps to realistic.

Story-Writing Workshop:

Vana brings the client into the Agile process by deploying story-writing workshops. The workshops consist of brainstorming to generate the Epics and Stories with testing in mind. The process being iterative, allows the client to build on their story until the solution is understood.

Cyber Security:

Understanding the role of security to measure the impacts of risk is a pivotal approach to maintain a secure system posture. Our team supports the Risk Management Framework and utilizes it to design, implement and validate risk exposure.

Agile Management:

Our agile process is unique and can be applied to a customer looking for providing clients what they want, not just what is written down and interpreted. Our Agile philosophy allows all the stakeholders to get involved and encourages open dialog.

Governance & Change Management:

Vana governance strategy is utilized to develop plans to ensure proper auditing and monitoring of the SharePoint implementation and ongoing sustainment through enhancements, administration and production support to maximize SharePoint investments.

Validation Support:

We interact with the product owner by asking questions and challenging assumptions to further define acceptance criteria. Our validation team looks to support the client through walkthroughs, test cases and other validation steps inside the client processes.