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A GOTS Digital Contracts Management Platform for the Federal Government

Developed for Federal procurement

With users & ease of use in mind

Digitally transform and streamline your Agency’s contracting operations with TurboKT™. 

A digital contract management solution that assists leadership, contracting officers, and contract specialists with security, reporting, data analytics, organizational structure, workload management, cloud migration, and more.
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Revolutionize the way your work

  • Efficiency through BI, workflows, standardized roles, rules & processes
  • Global collaboration
  • Guidance on policy & contract compliance

Work smarter, not harder

  • Automated inspections & reviews
  • Built-in auditing
  • Improve compliance
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Open API to integrate with contract writing system
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Use data as a strategic asset

  • Real-time visibility on workload & contracts
  • Utilize contracts metadata
  • Informed decision making
  • AIR & predictive analytics

TurboKT™ in Action

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US Air Force & Space Force

Learn how TurboKT™ reimagined contracting across the USAF & USSF. Supporting $50BM+ global contracting portfolio, 80,000 contracts, and 7.2m documents. Enabling 11,000 users across 245 offices.

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Defense Health Agency

Delivering centralized contracting across DHA (Army, Navy & Air Force).

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Contract Lifecycle Management

TurboKTTM Digital Contract Management is a COTS product that provides a system of record to manage the entire contract management lifecycle for Government Contracting Organizations.

TurboKTTM streamlines and operationalizes contracting from initiation to closeout.  A top-level dashboard view drills down mission-critical metrics and data capabilities to assess unit health and make critical decisions.

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